Feel the serenity at Jumeirah Park

Jumeirah Park is one of the most prestigious residential communities in Dubai located next to Jumeirah heights and Jumeirah islands. Envisaged to become a family haven which provides high quality of living, high end amenities in a serene environment. Jumeirah park has its place when compared to other similar communities in Dubai and has been able to gain enough recognition as a sought after development by families and young couples. Jumeirah Park offers a unique ambiance and relaxed atmosphere, which is cherished by the inhabitants.

The community consists of meticulously planned villas built amid lush green parks and beautiful landscapes covering a total area of 370 hectares. Jumeirah Park consists of 2000 villas which range between 3 to 5 bedrooms. The villas at Jumeirah Park are built with three different types of themes, each unique in its own way catering to different family needs and tastes. Each unique theme is stylish and showcases the best of building techniques, fantastic finishes and innovative utilization of space. Jumeirah Park houses feature Heritage, Legacy and Regional themes the themes have been inspired by French , Arabic and modern architecture and have been well implemented by renowned experts.

Jumeirah park villas built with Heritage theme showcase French doors which compliment the theme, the water features mesmerize the mosaics. Villas with regional theme showcase Arabic style of architecture which can be viewed in the woodwork reflecting the 365 sunny days of Dubai.

Jumeirah Park villas with Legacy theme showcase classic tiled roofs and ornamental window frames. The bigger homes come with a temperature controlled Swimming pools, all the villas provide modern facilities, well designed kitchens, guest rooms and terraces. There is a garage and a large backyard with every villa. Jumeirah Park is a self contained community consisting of retail stores, restaurants, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and mosques, jogging and cycling tracks and abundant greenery. Located off Sheikh Zayed Road Jumeirah Park enjoys a convenient location in the heart of the new Dubai.

For more information on Jumeirah Park: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakheel_Properties


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